Floor Grinder L550 Heavy Duty

Grinding large area effectively and can work continuously for long time.

Floor Grinder L550 Heavy Duty.

Grinding large area effectively and can work continuously for long time. 

· Dust free working environment can be ensured with vacuum cleaning devices. 

· High working efficiency, high rotation rate and can work continuously for long time.

· 10kg iron counter-weight is optional help to grind worn epoxy ground. 

· Adjustable grinding depth. 

· Extra coarse, coarse, medium and thin 4 types corundum grinding disks are for your option. Extra coarse type is for clearing worn epoxy ground. 

· Aero rubber material shock absorption, flexible and durable. 

· Imported overload protection switch avoids leakage and phases protection.

Technical parameters: 
Model L550A L550B 
Power 5.5kw/7hp 5.5kw/7hp 
Power Requirements 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 
Rotation Speed 1000rpm 2000rpm 
Weight 130kg 132kg 
Working Width 250mm/10 inch 250mm/10 inch 
Working Efficiency 150 ㎡/h 160 ㎡/h 
Packing Dimension (mm) 1080×480×1150