Industrial Vacuum Cleaner VA300 220V 3 Motors

With 3 independent and powerful vacuum motors, it works at a low noise level and has a long lifetime.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner VA300 220V 3 Motors.

Description and Application:

1. Compact design, portable and durable. 

2. With 3 independent and powerful vacuum motors, it works at a low noise level and has a long lifetime. 

3. Inner cyclone seperator and automatic motor overheating safety device ensures a high working efficiency and safe operation. 

4. 1.8 m2 star filter area ensures 99.9% filtering fineness. 

5. This series can clean big workshop, big warehouse, parking lots, etc. 

6. Optional fixed vacuum brush, 780mm in width helps you clean big warehouses and parking lots easily and quickly. 

Technical parameters: 
Model PI-8/50 PI-10/50 
Voltage 220V 220V 
Power 2×1KW/2×1.3hp 3×1KW/3×1.3hp 
Max. Vacuum 25Kpa 27Kpa 
Airflow 310 m3/h 310 m3/h 
Weight 70kg 72kg 
Noise Level 70dB 72dB 
Dust Collector Capacity 50L 50L 
Dimensions/mm 600*590*1200 600*590*1380